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Heroes Season 3 Promotional Photo
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Ali looks stunning in the promo for the new season of Heroes. I have uploaded it into the gallery. Enjoy!

DVD Review: Marigold
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I just found this review for Marigold:

I must admit that I’m not sure why Ali Larter isn’t a bigger star. I mean yes, of course, she earned her big cinematic break playing a Varsity Blues bimbo but she made intelligent choices thereafter with the cult teen scarefest Final Destination. And despite a Hollywood absence for a few years to take a break from the sex-kitten characters being offered her way (Allure, 7/08), she’s rebounded much better than other late ’90s starlets who also first portrayed bimbos, such as American Pie’s Shannon Elizabeth. I guess, in retrospect, Larter and her fans should be grateful that she doesn’t have Elizabeth’s primarily straight-to-DVD career but the potential for Larter is undeniable.

Case in point: before her TV series Heroes “jumped the shark,” you couldn’t open a magazine without press covering it with multi-page spreads and articles, yet all the ink spilled seemed to surround the likable, funny Japanese newcomer Masi Oka’s Hiro and Hayden Panettiere’s perky “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World” character. Yet, honestly, while the sunny young Panettiere was used as the face of the show to maximize its youth appeal as the new Buffy, as far as women were concerned on Heroes, it was Larter and not Panettiere who played the best character in season one (before I gave up on it last Fall). As a New Age Film Noir heroine, Larter played a combo of the virgin and the whore dual personality all rolled into one without the cheesy melodrama of a daytime soap and we never knew which side of Larter’s character we’d see next.

Read more…

New Layout!
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We have a new layout! I have been working on this all day! I still have some organizing to do and I will be converting the rest of the site to wordpress soon. I really hope you all like this! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!

New Owner!
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Hello, my name is Samantha you may know me from my other websites Sarah Jessica Central, Mila Kunis Central, and Cameron-Online.net. Thanks to the best host in the world Gertie I am now the new owner of Ali Larter Net! I have been a huge fan of Ali since Varsity Blues. I will probably do a new layout here soon. For now I will start work on getting the gallery up-to-date!

Resident Evil captures
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Thanks to Melony I have added captures from Resident Evil: Extinction.

Resident Evil Captures – 166 Files – View Files

Glamour Magazine
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I have added some scans from Glamour magazine.

Glamour Magazine – 4 Files – View Files

New images and affiliate
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I have more images than this to add, but since I have so many big image updates on two other sites I’m posting just these six for today. More will be added tomorrow. Also we have a new affiliate: Hayden Panettiere Tribute.

Shape Magazine – 6 Files – View Files

Heroes Promotional
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I have added some promotional images from season two of Heroes to the gallery. Thank you to the host of this site who is also the original owner that sent me images.

Solo Promotional – 1 New File – View File

Cast Promotional – 4 New Files View Files

Picture additions
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I have added some new pictures to the gallery, some are from 2007 and the others are from season two of Heroes.

2.08 – Four Months Ago: Stills – 8 Files – View Files

Heroes World Tour: Singapore – 5 Files – View Files

Picture update
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I’ve decided to start adding appearance photos to the gallery, so I have some HQ additions.

Calvin Klein Fall Fashion Show – 10 Files – View Files

Ungaro Fashion Show – 14 Files – View Files

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